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Hiking + Yoga + Meditation in Swiss Alps

“If you’re a keen walker or hiker, Switzerland is a wonderful destination: the views are spectacular, the air is clear and you can get some peace and quiet.”

Therese May, British Prime Minister, after a recent holiday to the Alps

Special offer for an initial period only:

5 nights for 700 CHF / 645 EUR

at Gemmi Lodge Kandersteg, 24-29 September 2017

Discounted price for families of 4 or more, detailed info in a section BOOKING

Come visit Kandersteg, the heart of the Swiss Alps.

With beautiful alpine valleys surrounded by lakes, and majestic summit peaks guarding the surroundings,
Kandersteg offers you total peace and relaxation in its exquisite landscape.

Unbelievable offer for a limited period before prices rise.

SwissHike provides you with the possibility of hiking through the Alps with daily yoga asana and pranayama sessions from one of the best known German yoga teachers, to maximise health benefits. Come sit in electric cars while we tour the Oeschinensee, or sit back for a ride to Dhammapala monastery.


The choice is endless when you choose SwissHike.

It is ideal for individuals of all ages, including tailor-made programs for couples on their first European holiday, and families with children. With tailor made catering from the Kandersteg International Scout Centre, a SwissHike vacation allows for a total alpine experience.

General Terms & Conditions

Kandersteg valley, with its beautiful lake Oeschinensee, is an oasis for guests from all over the world. Surrounding majestic mountains create a paradise for walkers and hikers, climbers and paragliders alike, while couples and families are attracted to some of the most unique attractions that the valley offers, including Dhammapala monastery and International Scout Centre.

General Terms & Conditions

We offer 3 standard (7-10-14 days) packages in 3 hiking (valley-mountain-summit) levels for hikers and walkers of all abilities, as well as special client support program for those who have mobility restrictions. Our goal is clients, guests and residents involvement into the SwissHike Electric Cars service. Detailed itinerary schedule you can find in the section BOOKING.

What we do:

We want to offer clients to experience the serene beauty of the Swiss Alps, while fully absorbing the unique benefits of pranayama, asanas and meditation during 1-week hikes. Our goal is cooperation with clients, guests and residents on the involvement into the SwissHike Electric Cars service.
The moment you arrive into Kandersteg, you will instantly realise why this is a hiker’s paradise. The beauty of the landscape is always present.

We offer a mind-blowing unique combination of hiking tours coupled with yoga asanas, vipassana meditation (and great food!) to give an all-round hiking experience of the Swiss Alps in Kandersteg. In addition, we are looking to help the environment by being the first tourist company in Switzerland which plans to provide electric car services as a hiking support.

Who we are:
We are the only company in Switzerland which offers this package. Our work sets up the possibility of involvement with the local Swiss community on a deep level.
For example: our Kandersteg Electric cars service for accessing distant monasteries and historic sites, guided by local Kandersteg residents.

Photograph: Petr Ducháč / Olomouc CZ, 6 July 2016


Accommodation (3/4 board) in Gemmi Lodge hotel with breakfast and dinner, packed lunch on hikes, drinks for hiking tours, yoga classes, meditation sessions, hiking support equipment.


Air fare, cable car fare, accommodation on mountain huts (summit program), insurance, items of personal nature.

SwissHike 3+IN+1
Exploring, camping and hiking in Switzerland’s mountains and valleys will not disappoint anyone who has dreamed of visiting the Alps. The richness of the rural mountain landscapes, complemented with the possibility for daily yoga and pranayama routines to gain the maximum health benefits from the environment, lead to a wonderfully rewarding hike through the alpine scenery. In addition, the possibility to visit some of Switzerland’s hidden treasures, such as the Dhammapala Buddhist Monastery and historic buildings like the village church from 1510 or the cantonal monument SamisHus from 1556, all in the beautiful hamlet of Kandersteg, make for an unforgettable experience. Nestled in the Kander Valley, Kandersteg is surrounded by impressive waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, many reaching to over 12,000 feet high, lush alpine meadows, rich forests and beautifully preserved farms.

We offer the following Hiking-levels in the Kandersteg hiking paradise:

  • cable car valley walking (Öschinensee, Sunnbüel, Allmenalp) – this is best for first time visitors, or just to get a feel for the benefits of hiking
  • mountain paths hiking (First, Blüemlisalphütte, Gasterntal) – circular routes around Kandersteg make for the moderate hiker to put his boots to the test
  • summit and glacier touring (Blüemlisalphorn, Kanderfirn, Altels) – explore some of the most stunning sights of Switzerland from the peak. Suggested for experienced hikers, alpinists and climbers only.

Overall, upto 550 km of walking, hiking and mountain trails in and around Kandersteg can equip you with the best that Switzerland has to offer.

Hiking + Yoga + Meditation


Yoga shows the path of harmony in duality, like diversity in unity.

Yoga healed my spine to a miraculous degree.

AlpenRetreat.comOur experienced yoga teacher from AlpenRetreat AustriaJan Tomas – will lead you through pranayama and asana classes in the mornings and evenings, while there is an option for guided vipassana meditations as well. Individual self-guided or supervised group hikes with optional outdoor yoga and meditation sessions make up the majority of a day, with a chance for a deep relaxation and contemplation in the fantastic nature, as well as in the local catholic and evangelic churches or buddhist monastery.

Hiking + Yoga & Meditation INTRODUCTION (beginner) - Hiking, Yoga and Meditation

Hiking + Yoga & Meditation INTRODUCTION (beginner) You will have a smoothly guided yoga session in the middle of the Swiss Alps, twice a day.

You will learn the 5 points of Hatha Yoga with all basics of grounded integral hatha yoga techniques; the mindful breathing, different concentration methods, breathing exercise, full body relaxation, specific yoga diet, will be taught. And as well as the "effects & benefits" of yoga practice will be focused on this course. In the end, you will get a small file with documentation of remaining and improving your practice.

Hatha Yoga technics ...

Hiking + Yoga & Meditation HARMONY (intermediate) - Yoga, Meditation and Hiking

Hiking + Yoga & Meditation HARMONY (intermediate) A wonderful way to improve your yoga practice here in the Swiss mountains

Here you will get a full rounded Hatha Yoga session twice a day and with lots of creative ways of doing Integral Yoga. With many variations of postures and breathing techniques, basic mindful breathing in asanas and meditation, the integral practice of yoga and meditation in a natural environment of mountains, with delicious food and the company of other mindful practitioners, will harmonise and inspire your body, mind and spirit.

Simple living and high thinking, the power of thoughts.

Hiking + Yoga & Meditation INTENSIVE (advanced) - Yoga, Meditation and Hiking

Hiking + Yoga & Meditation INTENSIVE (advanced) Intensive practical training of advanced hatha-yoga, to get further to your destination.

Advanced Hatha Yoga sessions, variations, long term asanas, and relaxation techniques, twice a day and 1-hour advanced Kundalini Yoga practice with specific breathing techniques, Mudras, Bandhas and Kriyas. An opportunity to connect to your intuition, awaken your life energy and enhance your personal aura.

The integral practice of yoga and meditation in a natural environment of mountains, with delicious food and the company of other mindful practitioners, can harmonise and inspire your body, mind and spirit. A stay in the mystic valleys of Kandersteg for spiritual sadhana can enhance your strength, joy and positive outlook on life. It can lead you to deeper inner self-knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Exclusive opportunity: Financial Consultant +/- Partner +/- Supporter

To ensure a successful project startup, the SwissHike 3+IN+1 offers a Financial Team Cooperation in one of the following ways:

  • join the SwissHike Backers Team and take part in the Active SUPPORT of the SwissHike 3+IN+1 project,
  • accede to the SwissHike Partners Team and optimise the team cooperation on the SwissHike Electric Cars project,
  • become a member of the SwissHike Consultants Team and support the projects with a Financial Provision up to 12%.

We - SwissHike Founders Team - are looking forward getting into contact with you,
for more details please mail to SwissHike INFO Operator or write a message via our SwissHike Contact FORM.

Kandersteg area belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch,
Alps region including the magic mountains Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger.

Source: Federal Office of Topography swisstopo / Jungfrau-Aletsch

Watch our video here:

Slides: Petr Ducháč (Olomouc-cz-2016), Alphorn: Alphornvereinigung Berner Oberland (Oberländer Choral 2010), Shakuhachi: Vlastislav Matoušek (Praha-cz-2003)

SwissHike 3+IN+1 Newsletter

  • Hiking tours around Kandersteg
  • Yoga and Meditation Workshops
  • Test drives of Electric Cars


Kandersteg 5+1 days ITINERARY

Default suggested paths of L1 and L2 levels, TS Tesla Suggested routes with electric cars, optimised for the first visit to Kandersteg.


The advanced visitors of Kandersteg can compose tailor-made hiking programs based on 14-days ITINERARY L1+L2+L3 options.

Day-0 » Allmenalp

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14-19h Check-in Gemmi Lodge (GL)

12-16h TS Show This Day » Tour to Zürich

15-18h L1 Show This Day » Hiking Allmenalp L1

15-18h L2 Show This Day » Hiking Allmenalp L2

18:00 Dinner GL/KISC Scout Centre
19:00-19:30 Welcome Meeting
19:30-20:00 Yoga Asanas
20:00-20:30 Pranajama
20:30-21:00 Meditation

Day-1 » Oeschinensee

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06:00-07:00 Meditation
07:00-08:00 Yoga Asanas
08:00 Breakfast GL/KISC Scout Centre

9-17h TS Show This Day » Tour to Beatenberg

9-17h L1 Show This Day » Hiking Oeschinensee L1

9-17h L2 Show This Day » Hiking Oeschinensee L2

17:00-18:00 Yoga Asanas
18:00 Dinner GL/KISC Scout Centre
20:00-21:00 Pranajama & Meditation

Day-2 » Yoga day

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06:00-07:00 Meditation
07:00-08:00 Yoga Asanas
08:00 Breakfast GL/KISC Scout Centre

9-17h TS Show This Day » Tour to Felsentor

09-14h L1 Show This Day » Hiking Sunbüel L1

09-14h L2 Show This Day » Hiking Sunbüel L2

14:00-17:00 Yoga Asanas
17:00-18:00 Pranajama
18:00 Dinner GL/KISC Scout Centre
20:00-21:00 Meditation

Day-3 » Gasterntal

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06:00-07:00 Meditation
07:00-08:00 Yoga Asanas
08:00 Breakfast GL/KISC Scout Centre

9-17h TS Show This Day » Tour to Zermatt

9-17h L1 Show This Day » Hiking Gasterntal L1

9-17h L2 Show This Day » Hiking Gasterntal L2

17:00-18:00 Yoga Asanas
18:00 Dinner GL/KISC Scout Centre
20:00-21:00 Pranajama & Meditation

Day-4 » Relax day

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06:00-07:00 Meditation
07:00-08:00 Yoga Asanas
08:00 Breakfast GL/KISC Scout Centre

9-17h TS Show This Day » Tour to Bern

09-15h L1 Show This Day » Hiking Doldenhornhütte L1

09-15h L2 Show This Day » Hiking Jegertosse L2

15:00-18:00 Vipassana Meditation
18:00 Dinner GL/KISC Scout Centre
19:30-21:00 Evening Meditation

Day-5 » Kander

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06:00-06:30 Meditation
06:30-07:30 Yoga Asanas
07:30-08:00 Good Bye Meeting
08:00 Breakfast GL/KISC Scout Centre

09-12h TS Show This Day » Tour to Zürich

09-10h L1 Show This Day » Walking Samishuus

09-11h L2 Show This Day » Walking Blausee

09-11h Check-out Gemmi Lodge (GL)

SwissHike Active Support


SwissHike Active Support


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Everyone can gain more with:

the fresh alpine air and pure glacier water of Kandersteg refresh your body and mind

traditional, with natural products of the alpine pastures

meditation calmness coupled with mountain landscapes

Map of SwissHike pages:

  • Kandersteg - mountain resort with 1,230 inhabitants and about 3000 accommodation beds on the upper reaches of the river Kander; valley at an altitude of 1,170 meters is surrounded on all sides by majestic rocks with the highest peaks Blüemlisalphorn 3661 m a Balmhorn 3698 m; a favourite destination for tourists from all around the world in both summer and winter. The most attractive place in Kandersteg is a beautiful lake Öschinensee.
  • Hiking - hiking paradise Kandersteg provides about 550 km walking, hiking and mountain trails. According to your abilities and interest, you can choose paths of the optimal difficulties, ranging from the Valley Hikes and Mountain Hikes to the Challenging and Difficult Alpine Hikes.
  • Yoga - indoor and outdoor Yoga exercises create an integral part of our SwissHike daily schedule. Our experienced yoga teacher Jan Tomas from AlpenRetreat Austria will lead you through pranayama and asana classes in the mornings and special evenings.
  • Meditation - during regularly evening sessions and the Meditation Day of the SwissHike itinerary you may strengthen your meditation practice or simply relax. We will take a particular emphasis on the Vipassana meditation.
  • Accommodation - in order to optimise the staying costs, we cooperate with the Gemmi Lodge two-star hotel which is well equipped for self-catering. Here is placed our SwissHike Base Camp 3+IN+1. According to the usage of the booked capacity, a special accommodation can be arranged.
  • Contact - SwissHike Info Helpdesk will try to answer all your questions sent per email (info@swisshike.com) or message form; special inquieries might be directet to the SwissHike Project manager (Yash, IN/UK), SwissHike Team Coordinator (Milos, CZ/CH) or SwissHike Vision Developer (Matthias, DE/IN).
  • BOOKING - for the Kandersteg first visit clients, we suggest a Standard Hiking Itinerary on three difficulty levels respecting their individual abilities; the former Kandersteg's visitors can compile own Individual Hiking Schedule in 3 default (7-10-14 days) packages. We are going to provide for SwissHike clients a detailed route description with a photo documentation of all signposts and others orientation points, as well as maps, compass, GPS.
  • Electromobility Tours - our main Project Development Goal is the SwissHike Electric Cars service provided not only for SwissHike clients, as well as for interested hotel guests and local residents; we would like to move ecologically between hiking, yoga and meditation destinations and support people with moving limitations or short time; on the Electromobility page you can find the hit parade of Top 12 Electric Cars in Switzerland and overview of other producers and types of environmentally friendly vehicles based on the hybrid, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technology.
  • Active Support - we offer for SPONSORS and INVESTORS a unique opportunity of an active participation in SwissHike 3+IN+1 Project based on the following three principles of the ION 21 Team Cooperation: (1) Targeted Support = offering a particular choice from project categories or general support of the project; (2) Feedback Response = thanksgiving with a feedback information about the specific use of your contribution; (3) Team Integration = full membership in the SwissHike Backers Team including decision-making responsibilities which are accessible on our ION 21 SwissHike Team Portal.
  • Travel & Price - useful INFOS and LINKS for Travelling to Kandersteg from all over the world BY BUS, BY CAR, BY PLANE, BY RIDE or ON BIKE; How to get from airport BASEL, BERN, GENEVA or ZURICH by SBB Swiss Railways and how to optimize travel costs using Swiss Travel Pass, Half-Fare travelcard, Supersaver tickets, Swiss Transfer Ticket, Swiss Family Card; SwissHike 3+IN+1 Price Table Tab with TRAVEL PRICE OPTIONS.
  • General Terms and Conditions - SwissHike 3+IN+1 is a pilot project of a business model based on the ION 21 Team Portal System; please register via our website www.swisshike.com in section BOOKING; SwissHike hiking guide and meditation teacher work on voluntary base instead of a fixed honorarium; a half day a week of work in the kitchen is an integral part of the yoga course; we charge for a cancellation a compensatory fee.
  • ION 21 Team Portal System - SwissHike cooperation strategy is based on three decision-making ION-processes: Information + Optimization + Navigation; using 21 shared votes the ION 21 SwissHike Founders Team sets the initial conditions of the cooperation; the INFO-operator and his SwissHike working fellows are members of the ION 21 SwissHike Operators Team; the ION 21 SwissHike Backers Team joins all project's supporters that are involved in the Active SUPPORT program; partners providing accommodation, catering, transport, financial and other services for SwissHike clients are members of the ION 21 SwissHike Partners Team; clients share experiences and suggest improvement proposals among members of the ION 21 SwissHike Clients Team; local residents involved in the SwissHike Electric Cars program are joined in the ION 21 SwissHike Residents Team; hotel guests can share project team information as members of the ION 21 SwissHike Guests Team; the financial and other consultants are joined in the ION 21 SwissHike Consultants Team; the SwissHike Electric Cars investors can become a members of the ION 21 SwissHike Investors Team; members of all teams share the same rights of fair-play cooperation based on Competency + Activity + Investment, and delegate members of the ION 21 SwissHike Board Team - the statutory body of the SwissHike 3+IN+1 and SwissHike Electric Cars projects.
  • ION 21 SwissHike Team Portal - team information, communication and decision-making platform for implementation of the three ION 21 Fair Play Rules: Information + Optimisation + Navigation. The ION 21 Excel Spreadsheets Portal enables each member of the ION 21 Team to follow and verify all steps of the strategic decision-making using the ION 21 Online Database Portal (phpBB demo version, portal under construction).

Flags of Swiss Cantons:

ION 21 Team Portal System